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of materials properties helps complete your teaching tasks and research projects faster



of labs, services and suppliers helps your institution promote and commercialize experimental capabilities



of materials research data helps with data citation and gets your research more visibility, citations and project grants (coming soon)

What You Get with MATDAT Campus

Database of Materials Properties

MATDAT Database is a collection of 1500+ searchable, comparable, fully referenced, detailed results of experiments and material testing published in reputable scientific literature and provided by top industrial laboratories and experts.

  • Access to the detailed materials data needed for teaching / research / dissertations
  • Database licenses for all students and professors
  • MATDAT Database is a relevant information source indexed in the DCI (Web of Science)
Learn more about the Database
Database of Materials Properties

All data comes from trustworthy sources and relevant, verifiable scientific literature. All records are properly and fully referenced in order to acknowledge their source and origin.

Directory of Labs, Services & Suppliers

MATDAT Directory enables academic laboratories and testing facilities to present their capacities, equipment and service capabilities. You get a professional, content-rich web profile which can easily be found by any of our 4000+ registered users and thousands of visitors.

  • commercialize your capabilities
  • get a quality online presence for your lab
  • increase utilization of your equipment
  • we’ll help you write the content for your directory profile
Learn more about the Directory
Directory of Labs, Services & Suppliers

Potential new customers will find you and contact you because your profile lists your address, location, website, phone and email.

Repository of Materials Research Data

MATDAT Repository is an upcoming solution for hosting and managing materials research data, fully compliant with requirements of grants and project applications.

  • have your data indexed in the Web of Science (WoS) Data Citation Index (DCI)
  • increase visibility and accessibility of your research and publications
  • get more citations and project grants by making your data publicly available
Learn more about the Repository
Repository of Materials Research Data

Source: Poster: Building a culture of data citation by ANDS, licensed under CC BY 4.0

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Access to the Database of Materials Properties

Licenses for ALL students and professors

DATABASE CONTENT: access to ALL materials

TOOLS: search with 20+ parameters, detailed reports for single materials(view sample), comparison reports (view sample), equivalent material designations finder, saving materials for easy retrieval

Licenses for ALL students and professors

DATABASE CONTENT: access to ALL materials

TOOLS: search with 20+ parameters, detailed reports for single materials(view sample), comparison reports (view sample), equivalent material designations finder, saving materials for easy retrieval



High quality profiles for your laboratories and testing facilities in our Directory of Labs, Services and Suppliers


PREMIUM profiles for ALL laboratories at your institution



Deposition of your data in our DCI-Indexed* Repository of Materials Research Data

* DCI stands for Data Citation Index in the Web of Science


Deposit 10 data records per year, get Web of Science DCI indexing for your data and publications

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Our Affordable Pricing Initiative

We want to make our services affordable and accessible to all educators and scientists in the world.

That’s why we decided to adjust our prices to income levels in different countries, based on the World Bank’s groupings of countries by income.

MATDAT CAMPUS+ is priced based on 4 price groups:

  • 1. GROUP 1 - €600: Low-income countries
  • 2. GROUP 2 - €600: Lower-middle income countries
  • 3. GROUP 3 - €1200: Upper-middle income countries
  • 4. GROUP 4 - €1400: High-income countries

If you have thoughts on this matter, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. The idea of making material data more accessible and available to students and researchers was what started the whole MATDAT right from the beginning.

We made it really simple: access to MATDAT Materials Database is freely available to all students, professors and researchers at the Universities that are registered MATDAT CAMPUS user.

If your University is already registered, all you need to do is sign up for access to our Materials Database using your institutional e-mail address and you have full access to all materials right away.

What are the main differences between Materials Database licenses available in CAMPUS FREE and CAMPUS+ plans?

Materials Database license in CAMPUS FREE plan (EDU licence) is for TEACHING purposes only.
Materials Database license in CAMPUS+ plan (EDU+ licence) is for both TEACHING and RESEARCH purposes

Other than that, with both licenses you can:

  • search/access all materials and all materials data, properties and information included in MATDAT Database of Materials Properties,
  • compare up to 5 materials,
  • create comparison reports,
  • use equivalent material designations finder,
  • save individual materials in your workspace for quick and easy retrieval later.
What are the main differences between educational CAMPUS licenses and commercial PRO database licenses?

CAMPUS FREE / CAMPUS+ plans and corresponding EDU and EDU+ Materials Database licenses are intended for education, teaching and research.

PRO licenses are intended and required for commercial application.

I need access to material data for my thesis/project work. Can you give me an individual EDU license?

We have provided individual licenses in the past (and we still try to help that way) but please understand that we get a lot of similar requests and it is difficult for us to keep up.

We suggest you help make MATDAT Database of Material Properties available at your University or Faculty so that all your colleagues can have access too. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

I’m a student. Can I sign up my university/faculty for CAMPUS FREE plan and free access to MATDAT Materials Database?

You can not actually do it completely by yourself, because in order to make MATDAT CAMPUS available at your institution, we have to sign License Agreement with your Institution.

But you can help by informing your professor(s) about our materials database and CAMPUS plan(s) and connecting us with them.

Alternatively, we can get in touch with your professor(s) if you provide us with their contact information. We will mention your name, so it would be best if you informed them about MATDAT first.

Customers using MATDAT Campus

When I was working on my bachelor thesis I needed material data for testing various methods for estimation of Basquin-Coffin-Manson fatigue parameters. MATDAT was very useful for me since it provided me with many suitable data for my research.

Maxim Lutovinov, Ing./ PhD

student at the Czech Technical University in Prague

The MATDAT database is very powerful and combines information of numerous material alloys, their properties and nomenclature in diverse norms, all in one convenient location.

Dominik Maresch, B.Sc.

Master Student at UAS Joanneum, Austria

For my PhD work I needed experimental data on metallic materials. I found some in publications, but it takes a lot of time to understand what the exact material was and what the experimental conditions were. With MATDAT, I immediately found the data I needed, and the information was very clear.

Corado Ningre, PhD Candidate

at the Université Grenoble-Alpes, France

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