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Material Properties Database

Over 1000 detailed, fully referenced and verified datasets for steels,
aluminium and titanium alloys, cast irons/steels, weld metals,...

Detailed mechanical properties (monotonic, cyclic, fatigue) for all materials in the database.


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Material Database - Features

Material Database - Features At present, our database contains data and material parameters of over 1500 unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy steels as well as aluminum and titanium alloys.


Materials in MATDAT Database

Materials in MATDAT Database Here is a list of materials which you can find in our database (materials designations according to different standards).


Sharing Your Data

Sharing Your Data Share your material data and use what others have contributed. Submitting enough unique datasets gives you full access to all features of our website.



MATDAT EDU MATDAT Database is FREE for students and Faculties/Universities! We support students and young scientists and want to help in their work and research.



  • We updated our licensing system - now academic users can extend duration of their MATDAT EDU accounts with a single click in automated verification e-mail.

  • New search form is implemented and ready for you to use it! It´s easier to use. The old one will be used as a basis for advanced search option. We are working on it.

  • We have updated list and logotypes of companies and universities that our users come from.

  • We plan to implement 2 versions of database search forms - Simple and Expert mode. Switching between them will be easy, and this should help occasional and nonexpert users search our database easier.

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