Proficiency testing for aluminium alloy AlSi9Cu3

Talum Inštitut d.o.o., material research and environmental protection, invites laboratories to take part in proficiency testing for AlSi9Cu3 alloy (226a quality) by method of optical emission spectrometry in accordance with EN 14726, which will be carried out in May 2014. 

The material used is an AlSi9Cu3 alloy sample with the following composition: Si ? 9%; Fe ? 0,5%; Cu ? 2,5%; Mn ? 0,4%; Mg ? 0,3%; Cr ? 0,02%; Ni ? 0,01; Zn ? 0,1%; Ti ? 0,05%; Pb ? 0,01%; Ca < 0,01%; P < 0,01%; Sn < 0,01%; Sr < 0,01%; V < 0,01%
Participants will receive the samples by post in April 2014. Participation fee is 250 EUR and includes report, certificate of participation, sample and sample delivery. After you receive the report, you can use the sample as CRM. If you are interested in participation, please contact

Deadline for application is 14.04.2014.
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