Just Launched: Brand New Matdat.com Website and Services for Customers

Just Launched: Brand New Matdat.com Website and Services for Customers

MATDAT - a unique integrated online platform providing materials databases and materials-related services - has just been rebranded, redesigned, and reimagined in order to provide a higher level of service to our existing and new customers.

When you now visit www.matdat.com, you’ll first notice our new, professionally designed visual identity and a brand new website.

However, let us first tell you about how we changed what MATDAT is and will become in the future.

MATDAT Becomes an Integrated Platform

MATDAT was first launched in 2011 as a single service which provided data on design-relevant materials to engineers, researchers and scientists.

A couple of years after that, we added a second service: the directory of labs, services and suppliers, with the goal of connecting the demand side with the supply side.

With the newly developed version of our online service, which will soon launch a third service called Repository of materials research data, MATDAT aims to become a fully integrated platform. It will connect engineers, researchers and universities in their product development, research and teaching tasks. Our long-term vision is to form and support a user community willing to cooperate and share their data, information and knowledge.

In order to fulfill our vision at a higher level, ‘MATDAT the website’ became ‘MATDAT the company’. In 2017, MATDAT LLC was registered as an EU-based business.

FREE Accounts and Profiles Are Still Here

MATDAT is a commercial platform, but our dedication to provide free options to academia, individuals, and casual users remains the same.

The FREE Database plan, the FREE Basic Directory listing, and the FREE Campus plan will remain available.

Announcing the Repository, a New Service for Research Community

You’ve registered to use our database of materials properties and you’ve browsed our directory of labs, services and suppliers.

We’re now working on launching the third service: the repository of materials research data. It’s an online service which enables researchers, universities and faculties to deposit their published research data in an online database. Because MATDAT data is indexed in the world-renowned Data Citation Index (DCI), our future repository customers will be able to apply for more grants which data management plans and enjoy increased citations of their research.

We invite you to sign up to get notified when we launch the Repository.

New Features for Customers

Revamped Plans for Database, Directory, CAMPUS Services

The Database service now has three plans: FREE, PRO, and ENTERPRISE.

The Directory service now has three plans: BASIC (which is free), PREMIUM, and ENTERPRISE.

Detailed feature comparison tables are now available for both services, making it easier to compare plans and understand the included options.

There’s a special new MATDAT CAMPUS option aimed at students and universities, replacing legacy EDU licences (for new users). CAMPUS combines all three MATDAT services (Database, Directory, and Repository) in one offering, making it easier for academic institutions to purchase MATDAT. CAMPUS is available in two plans, as CAMPUS FREE and CAMPUS+.

Discounts for Long-Term Subscribers

All our services can be purchased as one-year, two-year, and three-year subscriptions. Customers who buy a two-year subscription get a 10% discount, and the 15% discount is available to customers who choose the three-year subscription plan.

More Ways to Purchase Online

Up until now, Paypal was the only option for online payment. We’ve now added more ways to pay online:

  • Paypal remains an option
  • Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, UnionPay)
  • Amazon Pay (USA and where available)

Tens of Thousands of Searchable Directory Entries

The Directory service now includes the so-called BASIC listings. We have added tens of thousands of labs, service providers and suppliers of equipment and materials to our directory. Website visitors looking for suppliers and providers can search our Directory by country in order to find the nearest provider.

Beautiful Directory Profiles

When labs, service providers and suppliers sign up for MATDAT Directory service, they now get one or more beautifully designed, information-rich online profiles (example1, example2). Directory customers can use these profiles to accept inquiries by potential customers and get found in search by MATDAT website visitors.

New Feature: Post a Request for a Resource

From now on you can post an online request for a service, equipment, or material and let MATDAT find what you’re looking for. Simply post your request, and we’ll reach out to our community and send the chosen providers your way. Requests posted will be available online for everyone to see.

New, Professionally Designed Visual Identity

Have you noticed our shiny new logo? It’s a representation of the three interconnected services - DATabase, DIRectory, and REPOsitory - which are the building blocks of the integrated MATDAT platform we’re building here.

Modern, Mobile-Friendly Website

Last, but not least: our www.matdat.com online home has a completely new look. We’ve hired an entire team of professionals who worked on every aspect of the website. Everything you see has been reflown, rewritten, redesigned, and reprogrammed:

  • Website architecture, making the website and the pages easier to navigate
  • Website content, making the content easier to understand and read
  • Website design, making the website pleasant to look at and accessible on mobile devices
  • Website development, making the many website features such as searches, signups, and purchases work well

The new website posed many challenges, such as:

  • How to communicate what MATDAT is and what its benefits are?
  • How to present the very different online services in a way that is usable and not confusing?
  • How to enable quick access to search functions?
  • How to structure service plans and present the many features included in them?
  • How to make online purchases easier?

We believe our new website is better in every one of those aspects, compared to what we had before. You can always browse the old versions at web.archive.org.

Become a MATDAT User

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Just Launched: Brand New Matdat.com Website and Services for Customers

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MATDAT becomes a unique integrated platform providing materials databases and materials-related services - rebranded, redesigned, and reimagined.

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MATDAT Is All About Materials

  • 1500+ fully referenced data sets of design-relevant metals
  • Only verified material data from reliable scientific literature
  • Find standard and advanced material properties
  • Various steels, aluminium and titanium alloys and more
  • 100,000+ Labs, Providers, and Suppliers in 190 Countries
  • Locate a lab to test your products, prototypes, materials
  • Find product prototyping, design, manufacturing providers
  • Request and get services, equipment, materials
  • Deposit data related to your published scientific papers
  • Have your data indexed in the Web of Science (WoS) Data Citation Index (DCI)
  • Have a DOI number assigned to your data for its increased visibility and accessibility
  • Safe, reliable, long-term hosting of your scientific data


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