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  • April 26, 2011
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Material data is hard to come by. Whether you need them for your work, research or study, problem seems to be the same - experiments are expensive and (usually) longlasting and required literature often unavailable.

I know that, because at the time I was working on my doctoral thesis, I have spent almost a year preparing, organizing and performing set of strain-life fatigue testing and then I have lost additional couple of months finding and acquiring additional data from the literature.

My main motivation for starting the MATDAT.COM project was the idea to make material data obtained from literature research and from experiments performed during work on projects and doctoral thesis, available to other people and to help them save their time, money and effort.

Active development and implementation of MATDAT.COM project started somewhere during June 2010, after about three years of preparation and thinking about what I really wanted to do and how to do it. Since the launch, on 26. April 2011, there is a constant increase in number of visits and registered users.

Since I wanted to support young members of the technical community, students and young researchers have FREE ACCESS to all materials in the database through MATDAT CAMPUS FREE option.

All material data included in the database are from relevant, well-documented sources (almost exclusively articles from scientific journals and conferences, dissertations, technical reports, handbooks). Hopefully, more people will also decide to become contributors by submitting more material data from the literature and help us expand content of our database.

MATDAT.COM system in its present state is result of much enthusiasm and countless hours of research and hard work - and all of this without any external financial support. If you feel that efforts behind MATDAT.COM are worthwhile and find provided data/information to be useful, please consider supporting us in more substantial manner. You can do so either by registering as a paying, MATDAT PRO user (click here for more details on options and advantages), or if you are representing a company, by sponsoring our project (contact us directly for more details and sponsor plans/options). I would also greatly appreciate you spreading the information among your colleagues and partners as well as putting the link to MATDAT.COM onto your website.

In the name of MATDAT.COM team, I thank you in advance for your support!

Basan Robert, D. Sc.

Robert Basan, D. Sc.
MATDAT.COM founder and project leader

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Just Launched: Brand New Website and Services for Customers

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MATDAT becomes a unique integrated platform providing materials databases and materials-related services - rebranded, redesigned, and reimagined.

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New materials added to MATDAT

March 01, 2016

Database content was just updated with 202 new material datasets - majority of which are steels. Index of new content is already submitted to Thomson Reuters for inclusion in DCI.

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MATDAT Database is indexed in the Data Citation Index (DCI) - part of Web of Science by Clarivate Analytics (formerly by Thomson Reuters).

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MATDAT Is All About Materials

  • 1500+ fully referenced data sets of design-relevant metals
  • Only verified material data from reliable scientific literature
  • Find standard and advanced material properties
  • Various steels, aluminium and titanium alloys and more
  • 100,000+ Labs, Providers, and Suppliers in 190 Countries
  • Locate a lab to test your products, prototypes, materials
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  • Request and get services, equipment, materials
  • Deposit data related to your published scientific papers
  • Have your data indexed in the Web of Science (WoS) Data Citation Index (DCI)
  • Have a DOI number assigned to your data for its increased visibility and accessibility
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