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Database of Materials Properties

Database of Materials Properties

1500+ steels, aluminium and titanium alloys, cast irons/steels, weld metals, and other design-relevant materials.

  • detailed material information - designations, heat treatment, test conditions and more...
  • static and cyclic stress-strain properties and diagrams (linear and non-linear)
  • fatigue parameters and strain-life curves
  • advance and improve your work, research and FEA calculations using fully referenced material testing data from trusted sources
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Directory of Labs, Services & Suppliers

DIRECTORY of Labs, Services & Suppliers

A platform and search service connecting potential buyers with 12,000 global material/product testing labs, service providers, equipment vendors, and materials suppliers.

  • SEARCH for labs to test your products and materials
  • LOCATE providers of product design, prototyping, manufacturing services
  • CONTACT equipment providers and materials suppliers directly
Repository of Materials Research Data

REPOSITORY of Materials Research Data

A long-term solution for hosting and managing materials research data.
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  • Deposit your published research data and increase citations of your research
  • Comply with data management plan requirements of grants and project applications
  • Have your research indexed in the Data Citation Index (DCI) - Web of Science (WoS)
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4000+ Users in 40+ Countries

4000+ Users in 40+ Countries

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  • AcademiaAcademia
  • Labs, Services and SuppliersLabs, Services and Suppliers
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MATDAT at a Glance

For Educational Institutions

Access to all MATDAT services (Database, Directory, Repository) for all students, teachers, researchers


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About Us

A 2007 idea is today a unique online platform featuring materials databases and materials-oriented services

MATDAT started back in 2007 as an idea and project of Robert Basan, D.Sc., a doctoral student back then and today a founder of MATDAT LLC.

As he was working on his doctoral thesis at that time, Robert has spent 12+ frustrating months preparing, organizing and performing a set of strain-life fatigue experiments as well as finding and acquiring additional data from the literature. To save other researchers their time, money and effort, Robert decided to make the material data obtained from literature research openly available through an online database. was first launched in 2011 and quickly grew to 500 users by 2012. In 2013 Directory entered its pilot phase. Several key partnerships were subsequently formed and in 2017, MATDAT registered as a privately owned company located in Croatia, EU.

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(Last update: May 4th 2018)

Database of Materials Properties
  • 1500+datasets
  • 600+materials
Directory of Labs, Services & Suppliers
  • 20,000listings/profiles
Repository of Materials Research Data
  • coming soon


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